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Our services provide the due diligence and security your company will need to ensure success for your employment screening needs.

Criminal Records

If your candidate has been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, youʼll want to know the details. Exact Background Checks has the tools to make sure you do. *Criminal database accuracy can vary.

Driving Records

If your employees will be driving any vehicle to perform their job duties or even operating a forklift, you’ll want to order their driving record, to find out if they are a safe driver.


Need to verify past employment, check education, contact a professional reference or determine if they hold a valid license? Our verifications team will get the information you need. Fast.

Occupational Health

Whether you need drug & alcohol testing, infectious disease testing, physicals or any other related service, we offer nationwide coverage for all things related to occupational health.

Industry Sanctions

Sometimes bad conduct does not qualify as a crime, but may still represent an undesirable risk for your company. Our industry-specific sanctions databases can help.

Specialty Searches

You may have special needs, like conducting due diligence on a potential contractor or business partner, or background information to support a lawsuit. Your wish is our command.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Why Exact Background Checks?

Exact Background Checks was founded by a top management team with expertise in Human Resources, Staffing, General Administration, Employment Screening, Telecommunication and Internet industries.
Our staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable with over 25 years of combined experience in the Employment Screening, Human Resource and Internet businesses.

  • Speed
    In a direct comparison with more than 1,000 screening vendors, Exact Background Checks provided the fastest turnaround time. Onboarding the right person as quickly as possible boosts morale, increases productivity, and ensures that critical functions are completed on time.

  • Price
    In a nationwide market research study, Exact Background Checks rates were determined to be typically 15-30% lower than most competitors. A dollar gained in revenue is great, but only a small portion reaches earnings. A dollar saved from costs, however, goes directly to the bottom line of your company.

  • Accuracy
    Turning down the right candidate due to inaccurate records hurts, and hiring someone with unreported criminal records is devastating. Exact Background Checks is founded upon delivering the most accurate results, especially as orders start to approach 5,000-20,000 in a given month.

84% of Backgrounds Completed in 15 Minutes.

5,000 Average Daily Orders
98% Customer Retention
25 years of history
2,145 Direct Court Integrations

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