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Hiring qualified and committed people is key to your company's success. Your employees need to possess the necessary skills to represent your company in the market. But having the right skills isn't enough in today's competitive and litigious climate. Increasingly, employers are being held responsible for the behavior of their workers on a job site. To sya competitive and to avoid costly lawsuits, you must ensure that the people you hire have a clean background and work history.

The building trades attract talent from all over the country and the positions are mostly unsupervised, may require security clearances and often times involve access to expensive equipment. Issues of particular concern to the construction industry include substance abuse, driving offenses and theft.

High turnover is also a major concern. Background screening can help minimize turnover and reduce your legal exposure by helping determine if the applicant is best suited for the job.

Some key searches that many of our construction clients utilize include:

SSN Trace & Address History Search: This search will verify your applicant's identity and discover all known residential addresses on record with the three major credit bureaus.

County Criminal Search: With this search, we will dispatch a researcher to the county courthouse in the county or counties where the person has lived during the past 7 years to discover any criminal records that may be on file. This search will reveal any felony or misdemeanor criminal records.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search: This is an electronic search of a public database that contains 600 million records nationwide. It can help reveal if the applicant has committed any felony or misdemeanor crimes outside their counties of residence.The database includes multiple data sets, such as local felony and misdemeanors, terrorist watch lists, department of corrections and many others.

Information contained in a database is comprised of public records, which are frequently shared among different agencies, and sometimes accidentally manipulated. This means the Nationwide Criminal Database Search should never be relied upon for a hiring decision. It should only be used as a pre-screening tool. Any records discovered in a Nationwide Criminal Database search should be independently verified by accessing the record on file in the court of original jurisdiction.

50-State Sex Offender Registries Search: This search covers the sex offender registries in all 50 states and will reveal if your applicant is a registered sex offender.

Nationwide Wants & Warrants: This search covers outstanding wants and warrants, generally, those of which are issued for extraditable offenses. Law enforcement agencies are actively seeking these individuals.

Federal Crimes Search: This is a search of U.S. District courts for federal crimes, such as White Collar offenses dealing with money, interstate drug trafficking, interstate child pornography and other federally listed crimes.

Education Verification: With this search, we will contact the college, university, or school that issued the degree or certificate. Most degrees or certificates are verified by the institution's Admissions and Records Office. Some educational institutions use third-party verification services, like the National Student Clearing House, and these services may charge a fee. These fees are passed straight through to our client.

Employment Screening: With this search, we implement industry best practices to verify dates of employment, position held, and salary (where available) directly from the applicant's previous employers, including reasons for leaving and in many cases, their eligibility for re-hire.

Drug Screening: We partner with LabCorp and Quest to provide any occupational drug screening service, or any other occupational lab services, that you may need to ensure a safe workplace from from controlled substances.

Driving History: If your company requires employees to drive company-owned vehicles or equipment, making sure you hire people with a safe driving history can help keep your insurance rates in check and minimize potential liability. Our driving records come directly from the state department of motor vehicles where the license was issued. This search will reveal the applicant's 3/7 year driving history.

Workers Comp Searches: Workers Compensation reports contain abbreviated information taken from two types of government documents: Report of Injury and Court Contested Claims. Some states also have privately reported information available. The amount of information varies from state to state. Reports typically have: date of injury, time lost, employer during the time of incident, type of injury, body part and job related disability. Depending on the state reporting, information may vary.

Workers Compensation information is governed under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In order to be in compliance with this federal act, an employer must NOT ask any questions about workers comp claims unless, and until, the employer has made a tentative job offer to the or has made an actual job offer which is NOT tentative.

Our services are offered "a la carte" or as a "bundled package."

With Exact Background Checks as your background screening partner, you can access the searches you need to reduce risk, protect your employees, and maintain your competitive edge in the market.